Danielle Dancy is a multi-faceted sports talent agent with experience negotiating contracts across multiple media platforms on both the corporate side through her work at NBC Sports Group and now for Maxx Sports & Entertainment Group.

Danielle’s entry into the sports field came in 2014 when she was hired as an Executive Assistant to the Co-General Counsels and the Senior Vice President of Talent for the NBC Sports Group. While supporting these executives, Danielle became more entrenched in the talent side of the business including talent relations and negotiations. She was promoted in 2016 to talent coordinator, followed by a promotion in 2018 to a managerial role.

As the talent coordinator, Danielle was the designated person to handle talent relations. She continued to develop her negotiating skills and build relationships with both sides of the industry.

Danielle was promoted to Assistant Manager, Sports News and Talent Development in March of 2018 where she took a more active role in the recruitment  and development of talent.

In September 2018 Danielle switched sides by joining Maxx Sports & Entertainment Group. Danielle assists in talent recruitment, and negotiations, as well as brand and profile development.

Danielle graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a BA in Media Studies/Communications in 2005.