Jeremy Roenick Brings Memorable Close to Panini America’s 2012 NHL All-Star Trip

Working with Panini America at the 2012 NHL All-Star Weekend, Jeremy Roenick signed autographs and greeted fans in the Panini booth at the All-Star Fan Fest.  Always one to give back to the fans, JR took it one step further for a father and son who didn't have tickets to the game.

Read below for the details via the Panini America blog.

Jeremy Roenick took it upon himself to provide one of the real highlights of the week near the end of his signing session.

That’s when he signed for Marc and Nicholas Papineau, a father-son tandem from Gatineau, Quebec. Before the Papineaus could get away, though, Roenick asked them if they were going to the game. Alas, they didn’t have tickets.

“Why don’t you take my tickets,” JR said, retrieving them from his jacket pocket and handing them over to the awestruck gentlemen.

“I think this is really cool because I didn’t have tickets to the game and I got them from Jeremy Roenick!” said 7-year-old Nicholas. “I always play as him on the PlayStation.”

With a gesture like that, here’s betting a whole lot more of us will be playing as the incomparable “JR” going forward.

Thanks to everyone who made Panini America’s voyage to Ottawa for 2012 All-Star Weekend a trip to remember. Before we go, though, here’s one more gallery of images detailing just some of the highlights from the last few days.

Click here to read more and view the photo gallery from the event.

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