Bomani Jones Launches YouTube Show with SB Nation

SB Nation YouTube Channel: Introducing 'Bomani & Jones'

We're happy to announce that #maxxclient Bomani Jones' new weekly show on SB Nation's YouTube Channel launches today.  For details, see below.

Via SB Nation:

You know him as the host of The Evening Jones (and previously The Morning Jones) and the star of ESPN's Around The Horn (#freethebelt), but now let's welcome Bomani Jones to the SB Nation YouTube Channel for his new weekly show, Bomani & Jones:

Bomani & Jones will never be labeled "the same old thing." It will make you think, chuckle and strongly disagree -- sometimes all at once.

So what's Bomani & Jones? Think of it as the sports talk show for people who hate sports talk. It's not the same canned, scripted opinions, and it's definitely not something you've heard before. It's new, and it's different. And it's something that only Bomani Jones can provide, with a quick wit and an angle on every story that you haven't heard yet.

[SB Nation]

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