Bart Scott Talks Transition into TV

Bart Scott Portrait Session  

Former Ravens linebacker Bart Scott joined 105.7 The Fan last week to talk about making the transition from player to TV personality.

Bart joined CBS Sports Network's new Sunday NFL studio program 'That Other Pregame Show', which debuted on Sunday, September 8th.

Ed asked Bart about the Ravens and if the defense is better with the new youth movement. Bart said it remains to be seen but personnel wise they have more versatility with adding Dumervil and getting Webb back and having new safeties.

Steve asked Bart if he was surprised that the Ravens won the Superbowl. Bart said he was not surprised because he loved all the match-ups for the Ravens throughout the playoffs and into the Superbowl. Bart also mentioned that he picked the Ravens to win it all on Inside The NFL.

Ed asked Bart about playing in elevation and is it truly as tough as it seems. Bart said it depends on the player, the bigger guys have more problems with it then the smaller players. Bart talked about how Brian Billick used to get the team out to Denver later so they spent less time in the elevation.

Steve asked Bart for his honest opinion on Joe Flacco and whether or not he is worth his contract. Bart said he thinks Joe has always been underrated and has always elevated the team and players around him. Bart also said this will be a big year for Joe because he is gonna be the guy who needs to carry the team on his back and lead the way for the Ravens.

And finally Ed asked Bart who was the hardest QB to prepare for. Bart said that it was tough to answer because he played against many elite quarterbacks but Bart settled on Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers as the toughest guys to stop.



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