What We Learned: Bucs vc. Rams

What We Learned: Bucs vs. Rams

10.25.10 - PewterReport.com What We Learned: Bucs vs. Rams

By SCOTT REYNOLDS Publisher E-mail: sr@pewterreport.com In a new PewterReport.com feature, Scott Reynolds reviews yet another amazing comeback by the Buccaneers as they take down the visiting Rams with 10 seconds left to win 18-17, and examines some of the key factors that allowed Tampa Bay to pull out the victory.


We learned that cornerback Ronde Barber is the Bucs’ best tackler this year. The 35-year old Barber has had a tremendous season thus far with two key interceptions, several quarterback hurries and some surefire tackling. Although middle linebacker Barrett Ruud led Tampa Bay with 11 on Sunday against St. Louis, Barber was next with 10, including nine solo stops.

Barber masterfully wrapped up Steven Jackson’s legs multiple times at or near the line of scrimmage to prevent him from getting a head of steam and getting to the second level. Jackson rushed 22 times for 110 yards, but was held to just 36 in the second half.

At first glance, you might cringe knowing that a cornerback is second on the team in tackles, but Barber is no ordinary corner. In fact, in nickel situations, Barber becomes more of a third linebacker rather than a slot corner. Through six games, Ruud leads the team with 60 tackles, while Barber is next with 48. But Ruud has missed his share of tackles, while Barber appears to be steadier in bringing down ballcarriers.

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