Izhar Harpaz produces critically acclaimed documentary on Haiti

Maxx client and Dateline NBC producer Izhar Harpaz recently journeyed to Haiti with Ann Curry to film a documentary for an upcoming story chronicling an extraordinary rescue mission. The team and crew are up against all the elements. Watch the video below as Dateline cameras follow this group of brave volunteers as they parachute into Medor, treat more than a thousand people suffering from cholera and other diseases, and build an airstrip on tough, impenetrable terrain in the hope that it will help connect this isolated village to the outside world. With the odds against them, they must complete their mission in just 12 days.

With the mission now completed, the documentary, titled "Rescue in the Mountains," has been released in six parts on the Dateline NBC website, chronicling the journey in what has quickly become a critically acclaimed piece.

You can watch the episode in the video below or watch all six parts on the Dateline video player.