Rodney Harrison teams up with MARS Chocolate to offer fans chance to celebrate like a champion

Rodney Harrison recently teamed up with MARS brands M&M’S® and SNICKERS® to offer NFL fans an exclusive chance to celebrate on the field with next year’s Super Bowl champions in Indianapolis.  As part of the partnership, Rodney participated in a satellite media tour via Facebook and UStream, where he answered fan questions and spoke about the experience of playing in and winning the Super Bowl in a live video conference.

Rodney had this to say about the campaign:  If you want to learn more, go to - once again, it's a great chance for fans to come on the field during Super Bowl XLVI in the most precious moment of the game. Players have worked their entire lives to get to that position, and to be able to celebrate it as a fan with three other people in an all-expenses-paid trip - it's a great thing that Mars is offering.

In total nearly 5,000 fans turned up to watch Rodney on Thursday, January 20, 2011. Find out more about how to celebrate like a champ at