Jeremy Roenick: Battle of the Blades, Week 6

(Ed. Note: Yahoo! Sports Canada has extended coverage of CBC Sports' "Battle of the Blades" Season 2, including exclusive reactions from judge Jeremy Roenick. Each Monday, Puck Daddy will offer a companion piece with our whimsical take on the BOTB competition episodes.) By Blair, a.k.a. Dany Heatley Speedwagon

Greetings, hockey fan that is now wondering why they're reading a post about figure skating. I'm Dany Heatley Speedwagon and today I'll be giving you your Battle of the Blades fix doing the best I can to try and fill Erin's shoes for the week. I warn you, I'm not good in heels.

Sunday night's Week 6 theme featured performances set to music from "the stage and screen," and contained views into the family lives of our competitors. Click here for the full article

In the video below, Y! Sports Canada analyst and Battle of the Blades judge Jeremy Roenick talks about Todd Warriner's "costume change" with his female counterpart.