CBS Charlotte: Greg Olsen Joins The Drive

Wednesday 8/3/11 - MAXX Client and new Carolina Panthers Tight End, Greg Olsen, joined CBS Charlotte's The Drive yesterday....

Via CBS Charlotte:

The newest tight end for the Panthers talks with fellow Miami Hurricane Marc James about his first few weeks with his new team. He also says he believes he wasn’t used the right way in Chicago while with the Bears. Being a Bears fan, I had the pleasure to watch every game Greg played in over his 4 year Bears career. A stand up guy, Greg would be the first to tell you he didn’t excel at blocking in Mike Martz complicated offensive system. What he did excel in was his pass catching and the ability to go over the middle and over the top of a defense. He catches balls that only a select few tight ends in the NFL can catch. See that’s where I believe he will help Cam Newton more than Jeremy Shockey, Ben Hartsock or any other tight end on the Panthers. He presents mis-matches all over the field. Safeties can’t defend him. Linebackers can’t defend him. Most of all, DB’s can’t defend him.

He is also a stand up guy on the field. He doesn’t point fingers when a play breaks down or doesn’t go his way. When Cam gets in trouble and a play is breaking down, look for Greg Olsen, like he was for Jay Cutler last year in Chicago, to be Cam’s number 1 security blanket. He will make Cam Newton better.

Take a listen to Greg calling into the Drive today and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Click here to listen to the audio.