Jeremy Roenick Chosen as "Legend" for EA Sports' NHL 12, Participates in Launch Tour

Jeremy Roenick has been chosen as one of the 9 "Legends" represented in EA Sports' latest installment of the most popular hockey video game, NHL 12.  Users will be able to play as Roenick in the "Be a Legend" mode, and the whole team of "Legends" will be available in the "Play Now," "Online," and "Battle for the Cup" modes.

Roenick is widely considered the premiere superstar of earlier versions of the game.  His prowess in NHLPA 93 was documented in the 1996 Vince Vaughan movie, "Swingers."

Jeremy, along with cover-boy Steven Stamkos, has been touring, most recently to Toronto, to promote the game's September 13 release.

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