Sports Media Watchdog 2012 Stock Up/Stock Down: Brandon Tierney

Mike Silva ~ December 30th, 2011

I am going to start a new annual tradition, as I will recap my personal media “stock up/stock down” going into each year. This is my personal list that involves my bias and taste, so feel free to add what you think in the comments section, Twitter, or Facebook. I am sure if you polled 100 people you would get 100 different answers.

By the way… this is in no particular order.

Also, none of this is personal and my views are as a reader, viewer, and listener. All of these guys work hard and have paid tremendous dues to get to the point where they are even worth being in the media landscape discussion.

So here we go; the Sports Media Watchdog 2012 Stock up/Stock Down list.

Stock Up

Brandon Tierney (Sportsradio 95.7 FM KBWF San Francisco) - Underused and underappreciated at ESPN 1050, Tierney headed west and took the afternoon drive slot on the up and coming Sportsradio 95.7 in San Francisco. BT is teamed up with San Francisco 49ers analyst Eric Davis from 2 to 6 pm. Going from mid-day on 1050′s weak signal to drive time in a major sports market is a huge upgrade. It’s no surprise that since his arrival, the station has seen their ratings double in that time slot. Tierney is one of those radio hosts that “gets it.” He understands the need to interact with fans, embrace independent media, and use facts to host a solid show. He is one of the few radio hosts that attempts to get into the locker room and talk to the players like a reporter. One of BT’s best attributes is that he shows that you can be a fan and a professional in the business. I still think he will ultimately be back here in New York where he belongs… at least I hope to see him come back.

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