Cleveland's Most Interesting People 2012: Dustin Fox

Most Interesting People 2012: Dustin Fox


/ Why he’s interesting / Fox co-hosts the weekday afternoon sports-talk radio showBull & Fox with Adam “The Bull” Gerstenhaber. The Canton GlenOak star was a member of Ohio State’s 2002 BCS National Championship team and a third-round pick in the 2005 NFL draft.

/ Family tradition / Four of Fox’s uncles played football at Ohio State, including Tim, a 12-year NFL veteran. His brother, Derek, starred at Penn State and spent two seasons in the NFL. “Everything surrounding my life was football.”

/ Tough love / After a youth football coach told 10-year-old Dustin he wasn’t tough enough, Derek, who was five years older, took him out in the front yard in his football gear. “He started wailing on me,” Fox recalls. “Stuff like that makes you appreciate having a sibling.”

/ On his former coach / Fox was part of Jim Tressel’s initial recruiting class. “I really believe he’s a good man and we did things the right way. ... There was no greater experience than playing for Ohio State.”

/ Bad break / Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings, Fox broke his arm in training camp and missed his rookie season. “My career was derailed primarily because of that.”

/ @DustinFox37 / Twitter has allowed Fox to show off his personality off the air, whether he’s talking football or horror flicks. “When you have something to say, you can put it out there at any moment.”

/ Scare tactics / Fox, who sported an image of Halloween terror Michael Myers as his Twitter profile picture in October, got hooked on scary movies from his dad.

/ Three scary movie favorites / 1. The Halloween series. “It’s classic.” 2. The Shining. “Jack Nicholson is so good in that movie.” 3. The Exorcist. “The devil stuff is always scary. It’s not like it’s a guy stalking a baby sitter; it’s the devil.”

/ On Urban Meyer / “It’s the splash they needed. Urban Meyer is going to bring a lot of offense to Ohio State, but the biggest thing he’s going to bring is recruiting.”

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