Capatriti Olive Oil Launches “Honest Olive Oil” Campaign with Chef Roblé to Benefit Charity Organization


NY-Based Olive Oil Brand Sheds Light on Label Transparency & Raises Funds for Critically Ill in NY/NJ Area

Capatriti Olive Oil teams up with celebrity chef and owner of “Streets” restaurant in Brooklyn, NY, Roblé Ali, to create viral videos featuring delicious spring and summer themed dishes to benefit celebrity-backed NYC charity organization, God’s Love We Deliver. Consumers can join in on the effort to donate funds toward the amazingly honest and sincere mission of God’s Love We Deliver to help those with severe and chronic illnesses through nutritious meals. Share Capatriti’s Honest Olive Oil campaign videos featuring Chef Roblé on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag @CapatritiOliveOil and #HonestOliveOil. For every share, repost or retweet on social media, Capatriti will donate $1 to God's Love We Deliver, up to $5,000.

“The Honest Olive Oil campaign is really us publicly stepping forward to acknowledge the issue of adulteration in the industry and reassure consumers that the Capatriti Olive Oil they’ve grown to love and buy, is in fact genuine and pure,” said Gourmet Factory Chief Executive Officer, Themis Kangadis. “We’re proud to be partnering with Chef Roblé to benefit God’s Love We Deliver and provide consumers the opportunity to raise funds to make a difference in the lives of those who are most vulnerable, by giving back through a simple and easy social share.”

The Honest Olive Oil campaign is part of Capatriti’s latest mission – to be blunt, honest and transparent. They want consumers to know that unlike other olive oil brands on the market, their Extra Virgin and 100% Pure Olive Oils are unadulterated – meaning they’re entirely authentic and lack any fillers or additives such as sunflower or soybean oil. If it appears the 40-year-old company from Long Island, New York is confidently flexing their muscles, they are. In fact, they’ve earned the right to do so. Thanks to their commitment to authenticity, they are the first olive oil brand to earn the coveted United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Quality Monitoring Program (QMP) seal for both their Extra Virgin and 100% Pure Olive Oils, assuring their loyal consumers that their olive oils are the real deal.

“Partnering with Capatriti and God’s Love We Deliver for the Honest Olive Oil campaign means a great deal to me as a philanthropist, small business owner and entrepreneur,” said Chef Roblé Ali, celebrity chef and owner of Streets restaurant. “I’m excited to share with my followers, customers and the world the simplicity and versatility of Capatriti’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, all while benefiting a worthwhile cause that heals people in need with quality, nutritious food.”

Capatriti, Chef Roblé and God’s Love We Deliver all have a common thread – and that’s ensuring that their customers and clients are afforded the opportunity to know that the ingredients they consume are of high-quality, made with integrity, pure, and free from additives. Whether it’s a bottle of one of Capatriti’s olive oils with the USDA QMP seal, delicious meals inspired by global street food at Chef Roblé’s New York hot-spot restaurant, or the healthy hand-crafted and delivered meals created by God’s Love – all three businesses are dedicated to ensuring that they provide their clientele with great food and ingredients that are delicious, nutritious and 100% authentic.

“We believe food is medicine for the critically ill, and therefore, we only use quality ingredients to prepare customized, nutritious, healthy and satisfying meals for our clients,” said God’s Love We Deliver Chief Development Officer, David Ludwigson. “Healing people from the inside out with food starts with the purest ingredients. We’re thrilled to partner with Capatriti and cook our meals with the brand’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil.”

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