Lawrence Taylor on Radio Could Be the Start of Something


Lawrence Taylor looks to jump back into the media business like his Giant pal Michael Strahan.

Late last week we learned, courtesy of radio moles, Lawrence Taylor and Sid Rosenberg were joining forces to launch some kind of radio project in South Florida.

This was soon followed by talk about a more immediate rendezvous in a different location — that LT and Rosenberg would be coming to WFAN.

When asked, Mark Lepselter, Taylor’s agent, confirmed the pairing, saying the two mouths are scheduled to assemble in FAN’s Manhattan studio for a command performance on Saturday afternoon Dec. 6.

In February, 56 turns 56. Will 2015 be the year Taylor also attempts to return to the media spotlight behind a microphone or in front of a camera? Is he using this afternoon gabfest on FAN as a springboard?

Ex-WFANer and current morning host in Miami Sid Rosenberg teams up with Lawrence Taylor for a Dec. 6 show on FAN.

Lepselter said the radio appearance, and the inclusion of Rosenberg, the former FAN Gasbag and current morning mouth at 640-AM in Miami, was Taylor’s idea. Three weeks ago he was with LT and the Giants Hall of Famer “out of nowhere” said he would like to do some radio.

“He also said he needed to start from the ground up,” Lepselter said over the telephone. “Because in LT speak, ‘I got to learn what I’m doing.’” Following that conversation, Lepselter called FAN boss Mark Chernoff to gauge his interest. Chernoff liked what he heard and set a date.

How serious is Taylor about a radio or TV role? After LT retired from football, TNT suits, thinking he was serious about being a voice on their “Sunday Night Football” studio show, hired him in 1994. LT whiffed. He barely went through the motions. The gig did not work out well.

“Look, that was many moons ago. He mailed it in. But the LT of 20 years ago did a lot of things where he mailed it in,” Lepselter said. “The fact he is willing to do it, and he came to me and told me he wants to do it, signals he’s serious about this.”

Yes, but will the well-used baggage LT carries turn off some decision makers? “The baggage is the baggage,” Lepselter said. “He can’t run and hide from it.”

Taylor, obviously, knows the game. He will speak his mind, too. If he does want to become an NFL analyst, Taylor should spend the offseason doing a ton of homework learning the ins and outs and personnel of today’s NFL.

“He’s still the Elvis of the NFL, but I’m not delusional,” Lepselter said. “Network execs are going to want to see a body of work before anything can happen. It will really boil down to seeing LT is absolutely committed to the work and that he knows what he’s talking about.”

There is little chance Taylor could land a role on one of the Sunday pregame shows. If he is motivated to do the work, he could easily be a good fit on a specialty program, such as Showtime’s “Inside the NFL,” or gigging locally on one of the shows produced by the Giants.

But one step at a time. Saturday is a big one.

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