Mike Pereira & Amy Trask to Author Books About Their Careers in Football

Mike Pereira, former NFL vice president of officiating, and former Oakland Raiders CEO Amy Trask have each signed deals with Triumph Books to write books about their careers in professional football.

Mark Lepselter, president of Maxx Sports & Entertainment, who represents both Pereira and Trask in their broadcast careers, negotiated the book deals. Pereira is the on-air NFL rules analyst for Fox Sports, and Trask is an analyst with CBS Sports.

Lepselter declined to reveal the financial terms of the agreements with Triumph Books, a Chicago-based independent publishing company that specializes in sports books. Typically, publishing deals involve an upfront advance for the authors, as well as a royalty of 15 percent to 20 percent of the book’s sales.

Pereira is co-writing the book with Rick Jaffe, Fox Sports 1 senior vice president of news, and it is due out around the opening of the 2015 NFL season.

Trask is co-writing the book with longtime football writer Michael Freeman, who writes about the NFL for Bleacher Report, and that book is due out around the beginning of the 2016 season.

“I have always enjoyed writing, and Mike Freeman makes writing even more fun than usual,” Trask said. “I worry only that I will let him down.”

Trask previously said she was planning to write about her memories of working with the Raiders, but also about what she has learned as a woman working in the sports industry. “I am asked so often, what advice I would give young women who seek careers in business — a particularly male-dominated business at that,” she said. “I am sharing my perhaps somewhat controversial thoughts on that topic, woven in and around anecdotes and experiences from my almost three decades with the Raiders and the National Football League.”

Since the domestic violence scandals involving NFL players have exploded in recent months, Trask has been a frequent guest on a number of news and sports programs.

Pereira, meanwhile, was one of the first NFL officials to get a broadcast deal. He was busy last week doing television interviews on the investigation into whether the New England Patriots deflated footballs in the AFC Championship Game. “He is going to be on CNN with Anderson Cooper tonight,” Lepselter said last week. “I believe that Mike is arguably as important a fixture in NFL broadcasting as anyone these days. He is clearly the foremost expert on anything related to the rules of the league.”

The Pereira book will be a bit of a memoir, a review of his first career with the NFL, including different anecdotal stories about controversial games and plays, as well as a look at his second career as a broadcaster.

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