Reese Waters Named New 'SportsCenter' Correspondent


ESPN is bringing some young, fresh faces to join its “SportsCenter” team.

Maxx client and comedian, Reese Waters, is joining the network’s team in Bristol, Connecticut, and intends to tap into the digital landscape to reach the millennial generation.

Reese is one of three new 'SportsCenter' correspondents who will be doing special reports for the franchise show — such as going on the road with a college football team or reporting from the 16th hole at this weekend’s Phoenix Open — and it will be easy to spot his segments amid the sea of veteran talent. "These stories are not going to appear on air and then fade off - they are going to get an extended life digitally and on social media."

Meet Reese Waters below:

Hometown: Washington, DC

How he got to ESPN: Waters first blended his stand-up comedy skills with a love of sports as co-host of "The Daily Line" on the Versus network, then was tapped by ESPNU to host late-night college sports wrap show "Unite." Five years later, his latest career path "was a no-brainer ... when 'SportsCenter' calls, you have to answer."

How he'll be different: Used to "having license to say what he wants" on stage, Waters, 34, will push the boundaries without upsetting too many fanatics.  "Once of the most entertaining things to me is how invested the fans are.  I've learned that there is a way to say everything, " he told TheWrap. In addition to his segments sounding brassier, "there's no sports expertise!  I don not want you to think, but it is about entertainment."

Favorite "SportsCenter" anchor: Kenny Mayne is hilarious.  If you think of him like a boxer, there are these guys that throw punches from all angles.  With Kenny, I never know where he's going to come from."

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