WUSA Has Launched a New, Comedy Based Morning Show Hosted by Reese Waters


WUSA, the Tegna owned CBS affiliate in Washington D.C., launched a new morning show today with a comedian at the helm.

Get Up DC! will air every weekday at 6a.m. and will be hosted by Maxx client, comedian Reese Waters.  Reese's co-host will be anchor Jan Jeffcoat. It will focus on hyper local news, weather, traffic, trending stories and humor.

“We are thrilled to launch a morning show that not only provides news, weather and traffic but has a distinct DC point of view. Yes we hired a comedian but his range and ability to talk about social issues and relevant news has allowed us to create a truly unique morning experience. We all talk about transforming local news… well this may be as transformational as it gets,” general manager Michael Valentine told TVSpy.

Meet Reese Waters, the host of WUSA9's new show, 'Get Up DC'

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - He's cheap. Hoards stuff for years. And, can make you laugh out loud. 

His name is Reese Waters -- and, you'll see him starting Wednesday at 6 a.m., hosting a different kind of morning show right here on WUSA9 -- called Get up DC. 

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So, who is Reese Waters?

“I’m a DMV kid from Prince George’s County,” Waters said. "I was always a bit of a class clown. Never really foresaw myself doing that as a job, because, you know, who thinks that they're that funny? Other than the drunkest people at the comedy club."

Waters discovered his funny bone when he was young, listening to comics like Martin Lawrence and Eddie Murphy when he wasn't supposed to. And, he also learned from his grandmother. "She's the funniest person that I've ever met. She doesn't need any material, and she's just funny," Waters said.

Before Waters took his comedy show on the road - he tried out jokes and pranks in class and at his St. Albans dorm in Northwest DC.

"I would take Italian dressing and put it in a pitcher and then throw it on people in the shower because Italian dressing was oil based, you couldn't wash it off - so you'd smell like Italian dressing for a week."

He can laugh about it now, but that prank got him into big trouble. Which meant he wasn't allowed the leave the school grounds. But of course - he did. 

"If I were born years later, they would have said I have a condition right - I have an excuse, medication. But back in the 80's, you were just bad. So I was just bad," Waters said.

So what is a comedian going to do in the morning, with some news?

“You always need comedy when times are good and bad," Waters said. "I'm hoping that I can bring up some stuff that will make people feel good from a different perspective."

Is this Water's breakthrough moment?

"I hope so unless the person next to me evidently will be their breakthrough moment - that will be weather so, Congratulations, Miri - you made it!" Waters said.

Waters said one of his favorite parts of comedy is the crowd work. He looks forward to interacting with people, sharing his love for DC and working to make a difference in the lives of others.

Oh, and he’s hoping while he’s here - baggy clothes and fanny packs will come back in style. He’s been holding onto them for years, just in case.

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